Every comedy team needs a straight man

Photo of Ken Freedman and Baratunde Thurston featured in Cracked Craption Contest

"I ate his liver with collard greens and a nice 40 of malt liquor."
"I think racism is a ridiculous idea. Of course Black and white people are equal, they even taste exactly the same"
Only under these strict conditions, would they let Phil Donahue have another talk show.
After Kurt called Tyrone's shorts gay, Tyrone only further embarrassed himself by calling Kurt's jacket gay.  It was obviously a straight jacket.
"What's it like being under the constant watch of the police?" “Well it's to be expected. I mean look at me. But at least I'm not in a straitjacket like this guy."
"Jeez, shut up already. I don't need a Hannibal lecture."
Every comedy team needs a straight man.
A lot of people don't realize that Jodie Foster is African-American.
Up next on BET, we'll meet the author of "How to Stop using the N Word"
Certain conditions had to be met before Stevie Wonder agreed to do a duet with Elton John.